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No tiki party would be complete without a killer stage show! We are proud to have a great lineup this year featuring the best surf rock, Hawaiian and Tahitian dance, ukulele, and lounge music as well as DJs spinning exotic vinyl all night. Please be sure to visit the entertainer's web site links below.
Thee Swank Bastards
This Las Vegas surf trio are no strangers to the tiki scene. With their distinctively retro look: mutton chops, narrow ties, black suits; countered with riveting instrumentals that combine danceable rhythms, syncopated drum patterns, propulsive bass lines, and serpentine guitar licks create a musical sensibility that is at once deft and daring.  They manage to take the period fetishism of old-school surf music and distill it with a modern twist that makes them instantly melodic and highly memorable. LINK
The Surfside IV
Bata Ire
Hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean, this popular surf combo counts among its influences the 6G15 spring reverb circuit, the RCA 12AX7A vacuum tube, the smell of burning rubber, the eerie 60Hz hum of a nearby beer sign through an old Fender amp, and a certain Mai Tai made with crushed ice but shockingly little mixer. Fueled by a love of the big surf beat of yesterday and the new sounds of today, they don their fezzes and salute the lost art of playing real music with real instruments. LINK
Shrimp Chaperone
Combining influences such as Dick Dale, Ventures, Martin Denny, James Bond soundtracks, and Link Wray, Shrimp Chaperone have been rocking Tucson, AZ audiences since 1996. No strangers to the stage, (and returning for their third encore performance at Zog's Tiki Lounge Party!) Shrimp and the boys have opened for the likes of Jan & Dean, Link Wray, and, inexplicably, a Babys-R-Us store. If you like your surf with a little rough edge to it, visually enhanced by lithe go-go dancers, then prepare to enjoy this killer group! LINK
Steeped in Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian tradition and musical experience, bandleader Emilio Caruso has assembled some of the finest musicians Phoenix has to offer... Borrowing from the ancient repertoire of Bata, Rumba, Iyesa, Makuta, Arara, Abaqua, Samba, Baio, Batucada, Candomble, Plegaria, Egun and countless others. A great band that makes these rhythms come alive in a marriage with the modern sounds of jazz, funk, blues, and contemporary percussion music. LINK
6:00 PM-close, Sunday, September 4, 2011
Shane Kennedy
Shane Kennedy is a local favorite with residencies at both the Bikini Lounge and Carly's Bistro. His taste for the obscure seems limitless and his refusal to follow the trends puts him in a class by himself. Equally comfortable playing offbeat vinyl or even-more-offbeat zeroes and ones, he has an ear for the slightly incongruous but lets the music speak for itself. Shane was recently given the New Times 'Best of Phoenix' award and is a seemingly omnipresent figure in the booth whenever the good ones are being heard. LINK
DJ T-Minus
Setting just the right tiki mood by spinning his rich, patented blend of lounge, 78 RPM slack key guitar, Hawaiian big band, surf and exotica is second nature for DJ T-Minus. He is similarly adept spilling sticky rum drinks on expensive electronic equipment, nodding while pretending to take song requests, and making sure that all records go back into at least some kind of jacket, even if they are the wrong ones.
Marshall Shore
As a local historian and curator, he has delighted audiences for years with his award-winning, one-man show: Marshall Shore's Retro Spectacular.  Armed with a love of the Phoenix of yesteryear, and eye for midcentury modern kitsch, and a wicked sense of humor, Retro Spectaular manages to both educate and entertain and is a must-see favorite. We are honored to present Marshall Shore as the Master of Ceremonies for Zog's Tiki Lounge Party 5.  LINK